Yule Log

29 Aug

A chocolate holiday cake that is rolled up to look like a yule log.

-By Dave Lennie and By Carrie (Strommen) Lennie


5 eggs, separated
1 cup sugar, divided
½ cup cake flour
¼ cup baking cocoa
¼ tsp salt
½ tsp cream of tartar

Mocha Cream Filling:
1 cup whipping cream
½ cup confectioners’ sugar
1 ½ tsp instant coffee granules

Mocha Buttercream Frosting:
1/3 cup butter, softened
1/3 cup baking cocoa
2 cups confectioners’ sugar
1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
1 Tbsp brewed coffee
2 Tbsp milk


  1. Line a 15X10X1-inch baking pan with parchment paper; grease the paper.  Place egg whites in a small mixing bowl; let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes.  In a large mixing bowl, beat egg yolks on high until light and fluffy.  Gradually add ½ cup sugar, beating until thick and lemon-colored.  Combine flour, cocoa and salt; gradually add to egg yolk mixture until blended.
  2. Beat egg whites on medium until foamy.  Add cream of tartar; beat until soft peaks form.  Gradually add remaining sugar, beating on high until stiff peaks form.  Stir a fourth into chocolate mixture.  Fold in remaining egg whites until no streaks remain.
  3. Spread batter evenly in prepared pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until cake springs back (do not over bake).  Cool for 5 minutes; invert onto a linen towel dusted with confectioners’ sugar.  Peel off parchment paper.  Roll up in the towel, starting with a short side.  Cool on a wire rack.  In a mixing bowl, beat cream until it begins to thicken.  Add sugar and coffee granules.  Beat until stiff peaks form; chill.  Unroll cooled cake; spread filling to within ½-inch of edges.  Roll up again.  Place on serving platter; chill.
  4. In a mixing bowl, beat frosting ingredients until smooth.  Frost cake.  Using a fork, make lines resembling tree bark.
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Posted by on August 29, 2011 in Desserts


One response to “Yule Log

  1. Christine Strommen

    November 12, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    I LOVE Yule Logs! This is the best Christmas treat! I can’t wait to try this!


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